When people hear the term physical therapy, they often think that this is only for athletes, injured adults, or older individuals. However, did you know that physical therapy can also be for young children? Those who either have an injury or who are born with delayed developments are applicable for physical therapy for children in Miami. If you think that your child may be in need, there are experts out there who can help. Keep reading to learn more about a pediatric physical therapist and how they can help your child. 


What is a Pediatric Physical Therapist? What Can Physical Therapy for Children in Miami Accomplish? 


First, we want to talk about what a pediatric physical therapist is. If your child needs physical therapy, this is the person you’ll call. It’s for kids under 18, and who have been born or who have run into physical issues such as bone problems, muscle problems, sports-related injuries, spinal problems, genetic-related problems, and more. A physical therapist will help your child to expand their range of motion, increase their flexibility, and introduce new movements that they may struggle with or find foreign. Some of the everyday activities that other children thrive in may be challenging for your little one. That’s where a pediatric physical therapist comes to help. 


What’s Included in Child’s Physical Therapy? 


Most parents want to know what their child will be doing while in the care of a physical therapist. A child will want fun and engaging movement, which will always be incorporated into the sessions. A physical therapist will primarily focus on improving gross motor skills, which is essentially large ranges of motion. Some of the most common practices include balancing, running, working on coordination, and strength building. At Viva Pediatric Therapy, we’ll also help your child with gait training, playground access, climbing, jumping, and so much more. 


Who is Viva Pediatric Therapy? 

If you’re wondering who we are, you’re in the right place. We know that as a parent, you want to make sure that your child is seeing the top professionals in their field. At Viva Pediatric Therapy, we truly pride ourselves in helping children from early ages to teenage years find their footing, voice, and power. Our mission is to foster an environment where there is active family involvement. We want families to feel a part of this journey. We also want therapy to mix strength with growth and learning, as we feel both are incredibly important. Our vision is to help build a world where every child can develop the skills necessary to build a happy, productive, and healthy life. 

We have a few values that we think you might like to know.

First, we pride ourselves on accountability, and that means holding therapists, parents, and the administrative staff accountable for the outcomes. We love communication and feel that when used correctly, it diminishes conflict and cultivates mutual understanding. We’re very passionate, and we encourage it in others. We strive to give the best of ourselves every day so that we can make an impact in the lives of others. Discipline is another one of our values because we know that growth comes with consistency and sticking with the programs. Last, but not least, we encourage creativity and flexibility, believing that creativity can take us further, and flexibility allows us to adapt. 

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If you’re looking for physical therapy for children in Miami, you’re in the right place. At Viva Pediatric Therapy, we’re here to help your child when they need assistance the most. We have an incredible team of therapists, who are all happy to do what they do. Some of our other services include occupational therapy and speech therapy. Within both, your child will learn expressive and receptive language, assistance with stuttering, feeding, swallowing, articulation, handwriting, coloring, dressing, self-care, and motor skills. Contact a member from our team today at 305-890-9691 and see how we can help your child flourish.