Viva Therapy offers many different resources and services for families, children, and parents alike. Some of the therapy programs offered are Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy. Along with these program options, there is a parental training service that provides education, guidance, and counsel to parents and caregivers. We have a location in Miami and have employees who speak both Spanish and English, making sure that there is not a language barrier for some Floridians who speak Spanish. We also pride ourselves in partnering with Totally Kids Broward, a leader in the pediatric therapy realm.

What is Viva Therapy Parental Training?

 Parental Training is a service we offer to assist families, more so the parent or caregiver, and child or children relationship. This service can be beneficial to all families regardless of there being an unbalanced family dynamic. The purpose of This service follows along with the Viva Therapy mission statement, “…strives to provide quality, child/family-oriented therapy services to maximize functional independence…”, to create healthy family relationships. Receiving parental training can benefit the family dynamic, especially as a child grows up and start to have their unique personalities. When it comes to raising a child or many children, there is never a clear guide with directions on how to raise them properly as each family is different and faces different obstacles. We make sure each of our parental training sessions is changed for each family’s needs. We know that every family is unique, and it would not benefit our families to train parents using one fit for all methods.

How are these trainings done?

The parental training at Viva Therapy is done in single and private sessions. The amount of time of the sessions and how often they are is usually based on the family’s needs and wants. These sessions can be done in the Viva Therapy office or in the comfort of the family’s home through the online class option, whichever is easiest and comfortable for the family. To learn more about the online classes we encourage parents to reach out to us.

These types of training classes are useful to all parents as the topics talked about are common events and situations when raising a child or children. Many of the topics discussed can be useful for even the healthiest and most successful family dynamics, you can never know too much about being a parent. A few of the topics we cover are tantrums, social skill development, communication from child to parent, and behavior. These are all hot topics that parents consider and factor in when starting a family. Another reason we cover these topics and encourage parents to learn more about them is because of the effect they have on how a child will grow up and develop. We believe that by covering all the above information, the parents can raise a child who will grow up and have the skills and discipline needed to succeed. Having a strong relationship between a parent and a child plays a key role in a child’s personality and mental health, directly affecting how they turn out as adults. Along with these general parts of parental training, we work with parents who are struggling with how to talk about divorce to their child. 

For more information on how Viva Therapy can help you, or to speak with one of our professionals, give us a call at 305-890-9691!